What the Zulus taught us about business:

A brief history lesson….

In January 1879, Britain suffered one of its worst military defeats against a native force. If you’ve seen the famous 1963 film starring Michael Caine, you will know it was the Zulus who inflicted the defeat.

In December 1878, unknown to the British Government, the High Commissioner, Sir Henry Frere gave the king of the Zulus, King Cetchwayo, a deadline to disband his army. Not surprisingly, given they had not instigated any hostilities, the Zulus did not comply.

In January 1879, the British sent approx. 6,000 troops into Zulu land to destroy the Zulu army.

The British troops split into three columns and sought out the Zulu army (estimated to be circa. 20,000 in number).

Despite being heavily outnumbered, the British troops should have been able to hold off and defeat the Zulus – the British had rifles, the Zulus spears and shields.

However, aside from their incredible bravery, the Zulus used a formidable battle tactic ‘Impondo Zankomo’ (‘Horns of the Buffalo’) to defeat the British.

The main head of the Zulu attack made up of married Zulu warriors attacked first, engaging the British and keeping them fully employed, whilst the younger Zulu warriors moved around and outflanked the British on both sides and eventually joined up, thereby encircling the British. Simple, but absolutely deadly!

So, what did the Zulus teach us about running a successful business? Get in touch with me, and I’ll happily enlighten you, and discuss with you the Zulu Business Model that I use to teach business owners how to ensure that their business is battle-ready and able to attack their market place and their competitors.

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