Accountants Are Like Shoes: You Have To Find The One That Fits

As anyone who has tried looking for an accountant would know, finding one that ticks all of the boxes is not an easy task. Certainly, you may find a few that meet some of your criteria, but that’s not sufficient. You want to work with an accountant that is a perfect fit for your requirements. It is in many ways like looking for a pair of shoes. If they do not fit well, you are in for a long uncomfortable journey, and when it comes to something as important as your finances that is a scary prospect.

So where do you start? Whilst your gut instinct certainly plays a role in your hiring process, there are a few criteria that definitely should be put on your checklist. This could help save a lot of trouble in the future and ensure that you build a long and happy relationship with the right accountant.

Listed below are the most important criteria that should be on the checklist:

Knowledge: British tax law is complicated and involves several different taxes. It is extremely important to look for a professional who is not only thoroughly familiar with the tax laws but is also up to date on the latest changes.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is a major factor to consider when it comes to choosing an accountant. Bearing in mind that you will be revealing all of your financial information to the accountant, you need to be certain that they will be discreet. If you speak with an accountant who boasts about other clients and gives you their names and private information, you should reconsider your options.

Experience: Experience is crucial when it comes to accounting and tax laws. It is unwise to choose an accountant who is just starting out on their career and isn’t well informed on certain policies or schemes. If an accountant has been in the business for a long time and has many long-term clients, it is a good indication that they are proficient in their job.

Honesty and Ethics: Everyone likes to minimize their taxes but this does not mean that you should break the law. A good accountant will help you find a way to lower your taxes while still staying within the law; in the long term this will prevent potential legal problems.

Pricing: Pricing is obviously a major consideration when choosing an accountant. Finding out the average accountancy fees in your city is a good way of gaining an idea of how much you should be charged. You should also ensure that the services offered are worth the price you are charged.

Client Satisfaction: Whilst you cannot expect your accountant to become your best friend, it is good to work with one who will take the time to respond to your queries quickly and honestly, either personally or though an experienced assistant.

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