… and all the reminders.

We all remember the excuses we made when our homework was late, and if you ask any teacher they will be able to regale you with the bizarre and the ridiculous excuses they have received.  Children’s defences have included; “My dad didn’t have time to do it”, “My room is haunted”, “Homework? I don’t remember getting any homework”, and the old classic “My dog ate my homework.”

If a tax payer submits a late return and has a reasonable excuse such as death of a family member, fire or illness, then they can appeal any late submission penalties.  Getting the information to your accountant late is not a reasonable excuse, and unless your dog has a taste for the electrical, it is unlikely that the Great and the Good at HMRC will be able to swallow that your dog ate your tax return.

For some amusing examples of unsuccessful claims that HMRC have dismissed please the link below,


If this January has been a nightmare that you never want to repeat, and you would like to discuss the possibility of getting an accountant to take the hard work out of your tax return, then please contact Re:Accounts for a free no-obligation meeting.

But whatever you do, please don’t blame the dog!!