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Job Support Scheme

The Chancellor announced last week the new Job Support Scheme to come into play following the end of the planned Furlough Scheme on 31 October 2020.  The focus moves towards bringing people back to work and on viable jobs. This is over and above the £1,000 retention bonus promised for retaining staff into January 2021.  The new Jobs Support Scheme involves the government supporting the wages of people in work, giving employers the option to keep people in work on shorter hours, rather than make them redundant. Employees will have to work at least one-third of their normal hours and be paid for that by the employer. The government and employer will then top up pay up to two-thirds of salary – This will ensure employees earn a minimum of 77% of their normal wages.  The Scheme will run for six months from November.  For some employers, this will be financially unachievable, and redundancies will continue to occur – however against the headwinds of what economists firmly predict will be a deep recession and the extent of the debt the country is incurring, it is an offering which is vital to support us through.

It is also likely (similar to the Job Retention Furlough Scheme), that a written agreement will be required between employer and employee.  Bower HR are developing this template in preparation for this need.   If you decide that you need this template, do get in contact with us.  All we ask is for a small donation to the charity which we support which is Erase Meso.

Self-Isolation – Legal Requirement

A new law came in at midnight on Sunday 27 September 2020 which as an employer you require to comply with.  Here are the key four main points:-

  • There are mandatory periods for self-isolation.
  • There is a requirement for us all to notify whether there is a household where anyone has tested positive for COVID-19
  • It is an offence for yourself as an employer to knowingly permit a worker (including an agency worker) to attend any place other than where the individual is self-isolating.  This includes individuals who are required to self-isolate because they live with someone who has tested positive.  So as an employer you know a worker has tested positive (or lives with someone who has tested positive), you are now responsible for stopping the worker from working (unless they can work from home).  If you fail to do so you will face a fine, starting at £1,000.
  • There is also an obligation on the worker to tell their employer that they are self-isolating – any employee who breaches self-isolation will be committing a separate criminal offence.

QR Code for Track and Trace

Don’t forget your QR Code for Track and Trace.  It is a legal requirement that businesses which have visitors display a QR code so that those coming onto premises can use the newly launched NHS track and trace app.  This applies to venues/premises such as pubs, restaurants, hairdressers etc.

To ensure your business is compliant, you can create your Business QR code here.

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