At Re:Accounts, we believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we’re excited to work with Hubdoc – a software tool that turns paperwork into data that you use.

All you need is the app installed on your phone. In an instant, you can forget about data entry and filing. Paperwork is truly gone! Fantastic!

Whether you are a large, established company, or a new business starting from scratch, Hubdoc is for you. “I am so impressed with how easy it is to use Hubdoc,” says Emily Bridges of Re:Accounts Chartered Accountants in Stevenage. “We work with lots of different businesses owners. They all have one thing in common: they would love to have more time. Using Hubdoc gives them exactly that!”

Once you have downloaded Hubdoc, you can:

  • Scan, extract or store your receipts, bills and invoices – no more pesky paperwork
  • Upload details that you’re already scanned – no need to start again
  • See all your bills and statements in one secure hub – you only have one log in to remember, rather than one for each of your accounts

Best of all, this handy app integrates effortlessly with all the main book keeping software platforms – such as Xero, (which is our favourite – Emily is a Xero champion!).

Going paperless is so easy…

The other reasons that the Re:Accounts team is such a fan of Hubdoc are:

  1. Easy collaboration – we love working with other people and Hubdoc makes it easy to collaborate with colleague and clients alike. Your records are audit-proof too.
  2. Simple syncing – gathering key details from invoices, bills and receipts and syncing them to your accounting software. Plus, the details are so easy to find.
  3. Safe and secure – Hubdoc uses automatic cloud-based back up and bank-level security to ensure your data is safe
  4. Ultimate flexibility – you can access your documents at any time, from any location.

Would you like less paperwork and more time?

Have a chat with us about Hubdoc – as always, we’ll be completely open and honest about how it would work for you. What would you do with some more time?